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Adult movies viewers welcome to the 21st century - Adult Streaming Movies are HERE!! If like many in the UK you are fed up buying adult DVDs from european adult DVD & Video websites, at last we have a BETTER, FASTER & one hell of a lot cheaper way to watch adult movies!

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For a long time in the UK we've been stuck with only having one place to get hold of adult movies and now that streaming adult movies are here we have faster alternative with the introduction of streaming adult movies in the UK. Using video on demand technology you can now stream great quality adult movies onto your PC and with a bit of hardware these streaming movies can even be watched on your TV!

Features of Streaming Adult Movies:

  • Massive selection of movies - With over 100,000 streaming adult porn movies ready 247 to be streamed, that should be enough to keep any adult movie fan happy
  • Membership Fees - did someone say membership fees? What membership fees? Using our site you only pay for what you stream
  • Sorry out of Stock - LOL yeah right!! By using adult streaming that's something you'll never see, these streaming adult movies are always ready to be streamed
  • No Recurring Billing - once you stop using the site and no longer want to stream movies that's it, you pay no more, you don't even have to cancel your account

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The streaming adult movies listed on this site are for free streaming movies using pay per view but you still must be over 18 to buy adult DVDs & stream any of these films, therefore if you're under 18 please leave now!

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