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Girls Fingering themselves & female masturbation movies, you know those two sentences alone will make most men beg for more!! throw in screaming orgasms and you'll have us begging for more, after all we've all been around wives & girlfriends while they've been rubbing their swollen pussies & fingering their cunts!!! haven't we?

Well, if you've not you'll find these female masturbation videos even more interesting and will be grabbing for the streaming button straight away, but guys even if you have to pay for a live sex show somewhere track down some of these horny girls as watching a women pushing her fingers deep inside a wet cunt then licking them clean is about the best thing I've every seen

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  • Stare At My Pussy (PPV & Stream) look at my shaven pussy!!! why is it You always want what you can't have!!! and fuck do these horny teen girls just love teasing guys as they deny guys their pussies while they sit rubbing, fingering & masturbating their wet cunts while all the guys can do is watch on at their pink muffs right in front of their face! Enjoy!
  • Fucking Myself (Stream video only) Don't you just love it when a hot milf or women looks at you and tells you to sit back and enjoy the show!! and then take matters into her own hands, fingers, dildos, vibrators, or even household appliances!! Featuring Paulina James, Bree Olsen, Alexis Love, and more as this is a one all girl masturbation video you will want to watch!
  • Sticky Fingers ( VOD stream movie) You know there’s something amazing about chatting to some girl while she just masturbates or can even fist herself while you watch! suppose that why so many solo masturbation streaming videos have been made, but the movies produced by Butter Water LLC do have a more amateur feel and almost make you feel like a bit of a Cuckold husband as one things for sure these horny solo girls don't need guys, just lots of lube, toys and fingers ready to probe into wet cunts
  • Caught Masturbating ( Pink Visual VOD) this series from New Machine offers a different view into porn stars fingering & women masturbating as the action is done more on a voyeur side with guys getting off watching without these self-loving fingering sluts knowing and watching them probe their pussies with anything that comes to hand for climactic orgasmic results!

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