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PPV streaming movies or as it's also called "the dogs bullocks" LOL sorry, it's also referred to pay per view/minute adult videos, as that's exactly what it does - you only pay for what you watch! Hence the name "dogs bullocks" for streaming porn as you only pay for what you actually stream!!

"If you only stream 5 minutes THAT'S all you pay for"

How many times have you bought an adult movie in the past only to find out the cover is the best part of the film?! Yep we've all done it, you see a really nice bit of ass and think "yeah that will do" only when you get it home you find out she's nowhere to be seen and all that is on the adult movie is ruff old dogs that you wouldn't look twice at if they were in a nightclub and certainly wouldn't go near with a ten foot barge pole!!

"With Pay Per Minute porn that CAN'T happen"

Why? Because you only pay for what you stream so if the adult movie is naff you turn it off and if you streamed 5 minutes that's all you pay for..... what could be better? And by using the thumbnails as shown below you can jump straight into the scene you want to stream.

So it's really like just having your own Adult DVD you can fast forward, pause & jump to another scene or should the ppv movie be naff move onto another, and by only paying for what you watch it is just about the cheapest way to stream movies.

Frequently asked questions on PPV Stream Adult Porn:

  • How much does it cost for PPV streaming - its around 4p per minute to stream adult movies and you buy time in chunks, the more time you buy at once the cheaper it is
  • Can I see how much is left in my account - at anytime by logging into your account you can get a balance, which also means if you are streaming a movie you can make sure you have enough time in the bank
  • What happens if I run out of money - sorry the film stops, but you can deposit some more cash and go straight back into the film
  • What's the quality like - it's very good, in fact really not too far off DVD quality, but one thing you will get is instant streaming of the movie with NO waiting
  • Do I need special equipment to use PPV - nope your pc should have Realplayer or Windows Media Player already installed and that's all you need
  • How do the payments get made - by credit card and the payments will show as AEBN.inc

if your new to renting adult movies hopefully these tips will help you But the best way to try this out is to give it a go and if you don't want to part with any cash why not try out the free sample by clicking the banner below. But trust me, once you get into using pay per minute adult streaming you will never watch porn any other way! want ti keep the Full Length Movies then follow the link

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