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Renting Adult movies in the US is almost second nature to our friends across the sea, but why hasn't the rental of adult movies or DVDs really taken off in the UK ? EASY blame your government they have put a block on website's that distribute any type of adult movies via DVDs or videos although saying videos I don't anyone has videos players anymore

"So, what's the option if you can't rent "

Well when you consider it using Adult VOD is renting porn movies!! inst it? after all you can stream the movies of either 1 to 7 days or if you prefer download it and watch if for up to one month so by using adult video on demand is it like renting the movies and because your only hiring the movie its a LOT cheaper than buying the DVD from some doggy outfit like Vidshop

(if you've not come across vidshop and you want to buy some adult DVDs then don't use vidshop, they will take your money and you'll probably never see the movie let alone your cash every again )

"by rental adult dvds you will NEVER have to wait for porn "

Its a fact adult DVD website's only keep a limited stock the reason is films rapidly loose there shelf life and porn buyers will soon lose interest in the movie, hence the reason many adult website will have bargain bucket type deals where they will offer 5 movies at a reduced price, but all you are doing is buying old dated porn

"Not with rental dvds "

By using Adult VOD the movies are always in stock because know one takes them out and lets face it even places like Blockbuster can't always guarantee the movie will be in stock, well with adult VOD we can !!!! the movies are ready and waiting for you to rent and within just a few seconds you could be watching any movie from within our 100,000 plus collection of adult movies, that's in fact the biggest collection and streaming or video download site offers

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