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Spanking Movies !!!!!! Mmmmmmm anyone want to stream some spanking porn? love watching hot women getting their bums spanked HARD !!! in that case these femdom movies that are all for streaming only are just for you as they all feature hot girls getting paddled & spanked.

Although for me theirs really only one type of porn worth streaming that's the good old British porn Spanking movies...................their really is something about the brit girls and yes I'm biased as an englishman that like the rest of us is always up for some good old spanking especially the Calstar of "English Discipline Series: For Reparations"

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  • Room At The Bottom (Stream Only) The only sound that is heard is the smack that comes as her firm master spanks her bare bum. This a great movie from Calstar and for many one of the best English Discipline movies ever made. It features two nymphets that in between dancing have the pleasure of having their bum smacked by the landlord to help cover the room rental. As you'll see when you stream Room at the Bottom.
  • American Spanking Classics 14 (POV streaming) The first of many great pov movie / spanking from “First Hand Experience” where girls experience "first hand" spanking some would say a truly painful one others will want more. We see two of the most sexiest bottoms ever to bare themselves for us to use & abuse and to enjoy the burning kiss of the black leather tawse
  • Lesbians Love Spanking (All Girl Movie) luscious british lesbians on a festival of whipping & spanking in this porn DVD and when it comes to anyone knowing how to treat a bare ass its another female, especially a femdom one, we have slapping with crops paddles cat-o-nine-tails until bums almost glow red. An spanking extravaganza that's guaranteed to thrill enthusiasts! The wildest British spankfest you will ever stream
  • Spanking Big E 10( VOD Movie special) Nothing to do with the TV big E. Take this scenario one school girl & a mistress, do you really need to know anymore to hit the streaming button as we watch this strict school head mistress under her care that have been caught smoking at school. Its spanking and strapping heaven !!
  • Serious Spanking Video ( Stream only ) Ok I've got to be honest I've never been a fan of Asian Porn but this movie has opened my eyes to Japanese movies just check out this real life Japanese spanking streaming movie! These naughty jap girls are getting their cute butts spanked hard till they're red and sore!. great introduction into Asian Porn Movies

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