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Help! What the frig is streaming adult porn? I've heard all about stream adult porn but how does it work and how expensive is it? -

You know, a friend of mine recently asked that as he's only just looking to stream adult porn but like many as its still very new in the UK he really had no understanding about how easy it is to stream adult porn movies and where to set up an account!

FAQ's Streaming Adult Porn

Hence this page on streaming adult porn FAQ, and rather than just posting up a load of technical rubbish I thought I'd put the real questions he asked me on streaming adult porn...

Frequently asked questions on Streaming Adult Porn:

  • How many films for streaming - currently we have 100,000+ movies all waiting to be streamed today
  • Is it expensive - depends on how long you want to stream/rent it for. You can stream a movie for either 7 or 31 days and the cost is around £4 or £6, so a hell of a lot cheaper than renting some soft porn movie from your local video rental shop
  • How fast do the movies start streaming - after setting up your free account and you've chosen a movie to stream the film will start playing within a few seconds, it really is THAT fast
  • You say 100,000 stream porn films, but is that any type of porn - not anything, obviously the obscene and illegal stuff you will never see on this site, also a lot of the more extreme adult movies also, but other than that we cover just about ever type of adult porn you can think of and a lot that you've never considered LOL - one word balloons - LOL yep odd ;o)
  • What if it won't work - we have live support running 247 so matter what time zone or where you are in the world, should something go tits up support is always at hand, but TBH I really don't know of anyone that has had problems as its so easy to use
  • What do I have to install to make it work - bugger all, your PC should have everything installed but if not (and that would mean you're running windows 3.1) then you can download Realplayer or Windows Media Player but I'll be surprised if you've not got at least one of these already installed
  • How can I pay - the only way is by credit card & the payments will show as AEBN.inc

If you have any further questions about renting adult movies there's a lot more involved replies on the main site and they cover just about anything you could possibly need to know on streaming adult porn, but why not try out the free streaming sample then decide if stream adult porn is for you...

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