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British Swingers movies, you know just about every one is swinging these days and that includes people you'd never ever thought would try sex contacts websites, why? fuck knows but I blame all these swingers website's ;o) either way why not check out what's on offer from these streaming movies and it'll give you some idea what all the fuss is about

So, what makes a good porn DVD & stream swing movie? for me its got to be an amateur style production and fucking horny girls - but they MUST look like the girls next door otherwise for me its just another porn streaming film - hopefully these movies offer that

  • Melanie's Real Brit Amateurs (Streaming only) if you've not heard about Mel's swingers well where the fuck have you been, she's the queen of British porn swing and just about everyone I know has checked out at least one of her movies. Mel videos feature 100% amateur UK couples, but why not check it out and see if Melanies movies are for you, personally I think they are great films and well worth checking out, even just to see if this lifestyle is maybe for you before you join some contacts site
  • Swingers (Stream swingers vid) get a director like Johnny Rebel and a british adult movie studio like XXX Brits Productions and you know the adult movie is going to be pure class and to say the least these videos from XXX Brits are GREAT!!. I've streamed loads of vids and these feature the members of La Chambre are 100% real brits swinging, so sit back and enjoy
  • Swingers Party (stream PPV) you know these videos are just about as basic as you can get even the cover looks like something you'd scanned in and made yourself at home but for a adult movie I've got to say its a good watch, if not made a bit to home grown for my taste but its true gangbang swingers movie
  • Swingers Caught On Tape ( PPV) This is the second movie in the "Swingers Caught On Tape, films and I think this one is a lot better than the first as its filmed in an amateur style exposing young swingers playing at various locations around the UK and to you get everything from swapping partners, bi swingers, 3ways the lot so try streaming this movie

all these swingers movies are for pay per view streaming as we find this a better way to watch more films, after all what's the point of buying dvds when you can stream it and watch the film straight away on your PC or indeed TV with a bit of hardware !!!!!!

Sit back and enjoy these british swingers movies but only if your over 18 otherwise LEAVE




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