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Video on Demand is also called Adult VOD and if you are new to using VOD to stream adult movies here's some information you may find very helpfully when considering this great way to watch adult videos. As the name implies Video on Demand is a way of streaming movies by demand, so if you're not watching a adult movies it's not costing you anything.

Adult Movies

Video on Demand is the same as streaming movies or using PPV (pay per view) and most people will just refer to using streaming vod, as that's really it's full title, as you are streaming only the movies you wish to pay for or I suppose what you demand!

One of the major advantages of using adult video on demand is the massive selection of movies that you can choose from! The last time I looked there was something like 100,000 adult movies all for streaming using video on demand, and when you match that up against being able to buy adult DVDs it is ten times the volume if not more!

The reason streaming adult movies using vod offers so many films is purely down to the fact that once these films have been downloaded into the system they will never be removed, so when you consider that 10,000 plus moves are added every quarter you can see why the collection of movies for vod is so large - AND ITS GETTING BIGGER.

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All the movies listed on this Adult Video on Demand site are for adults only and renting adult movies is for adult only so if you are under 18 please leave now................


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